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Empower yourself to discover the seed that fits your needs.


Consult with our dedicated agronomists to validate products for your fields.


Maximize your profitability and optimize your inputs with seeding optimization.


Seed buying should be focused on maximizing your profitability.  That’s why a group of farmers created Integrated Seed.  So we could create an experience that is focused on you, helping you create your competitive advantage, by delivering products and solutions that actually work.  We think you will agree…seed buying should be this easy.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3


Our virtual agronomist will help you select which products will meet your needs by simply selecting any agronomic or management concerns you have.


Our agronomists will review your quote request with you to make sure we’ve taken into consideration all of your management concerns and selected the right products.


Have you ever had a seed company tell you to plant less seed?  Our proprietary seeding optimization technology will keep seed costs in check.


Shop through our extensive portfolio of products, using our intuitive filtering system to help dial in the ideal products for your operation.  Once you’ve selected your products of interest, just submit a request for a quote and a personal consultant will be in touch via your preferred method of contact.


Your personal consultant will contact you to confirm your products, making sure you have selected the best seed for your conditions and operation.

You will also receive a link to upload your yield data so that we can create your seeding optimization plans and prescriptions.


Once you’ve supplied your dataset, you’ll get back a whole farm handbook and optimized seeding prescriptions for each and every field.  The whole farm handbook is so useful, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

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Want to learn more?  We are happy to help in any way will can.  Simply send us your questions or requests and will will get back to you within 24 hrs.