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We know that farming is tough. We also know that buying seed can be even tougher. No more hounding, heckling and haggling. Just an enjoyable seed buying experience designed to help you build your competitive advantage and MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITABILITY.


Imagine a seed buying experience solely focused on maximizing your profitability. We want the end of every day to be better than the last. Take time to find products that fit your needs with out virtual agronomist tools, interact with our consultants, keep your seed cost’s in check with our proven seeding optimization tool, and know how to manage each hybrid with the Farmer’s handbook.

Good morning

Imagine waking up knowing that we are in your corner. We have optimized your seeding rates for maximum return on investment. We listened to you to understand your farming risks and built the best product package for the acres you want to work with. We are never pushing you for more seed, we are PUSHING YOU TO MAKE MORE, BE MORE PROSPEROUS, and HAVE MORE TIME…so go ahead ENJOY A CUP OF COFFEE.



Good afternoon

Sometimes the AFTERNOONS CAN GET YOU DOWN. You have so much to do and it never seems like there is enough time. DON’T WORRY WE ARE HERE TO FREE UP YOUR SCHEDULE. Through our consultation process we learn about your operation, help you select the best genetics, optimize your seeding rates for maximum ROI and then create your FARM HANDBOOK just to make everything a little easier. YOUR FARM HANDBOOK is with you every step of the way. From planting, spraying and harvest. You have detailed records and a guide that saves TONS of TIME.

Need to know what seed can be sprayed with what…it’s in the book. Worried about what those spots are on your corn leaves…don’t worry that’s in the book too. OUR GOAL is to HELP YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT so there are NO SURPRISES. NOW THAT’S A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.



It’s liberating isn’t it? To know that you can build your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and put yourself in the driver’s seat. OUR ENTIRE MISSION is to EMPOWER YOU, no more excuses, WE DEAL IN HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and YOUR PURSUIT.

Yes we want you to have great seed genetics, but most importantly, we want you to know that you matter, that your time matters and that we are truly here to HELP YOU.

We are with you every step of the way, delivering tools that we know you will see value in. We can’t wait to start building better tomorrow’s with you. IT’S TIME TO LIBERATE YOURSELF. ENJOY A CUP OF COFFEE, HAVE PEACE OF MIND, and HAVE THE FREE TIME TO TAKE IN YOUR KIDS BALL GAME.



ready for a change?

If you are ready to change every day, lets get started.  We have great seed genetics, we have great people, and most importantly WE WANT TO HAVE YOU!  We truly believe that we can make a difference not only in your bottom line, but in your life.