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Sometimes finding the right mix of products can be a challenge.  Does a 1 mean it’s the best of the worst?  Is this product actually really great at emergence?  Does this product really have good disease characteristics?  That’s why we created simple badges to give our products so you can easily sort and decipher what fits your needs.  Seed buying really should be this easy.

Test Weight Titan

The Test Weight Titan is just that, the behemoth of test weight, a true Titan.  These products have great grain quality, are easy keeper’s for storage and typically provide a grower with that deep dark color we are all so proud to sell.  If test weight is something that is critical to your operation, look no further than the Test Weight Titan.

 Test Weight Titans must score an Excellent for test weight and have above average ear rot scores.



The Survivor is the product that everyone should have on their farm.  These rugged products can bring top end yield even when times get tough.  How many times have we held our breathe hoping we catch that next rain?  These are the products that will get you there and put more dollars in your pocket at the end of the year. 

Survivors all have above average drought tolerance, a good disease package and above average stay green. 

stay green machine

Stay Green Machines are the champion of late season appearance.  They can hold it all together and catch that late bin busting rain.  When other products are giving up the ghost The Stay Green Machine keeps chugging along. 

Stay Green Machines have are scored excellent in Stay Green and have above average disease scores.

  Silage monster

Silage monster’s are the king of milk and beef production.  These products have been tested and specifically selected for the yield of milk and beef.  A Silage Monster will ton up more than any other product listed.  If Silage is critical to  your operation, look no further than these products.

Silage monsters must score excellent for Silage.


Rocket products are the first to emerge, if it’s cool, wet, heavy soil, these products will excel.  They can truly launch out of the ground in nearly any condition.  Sometimes being first is the key to not being last, and if you have challenging emergence conditions.  Look no further than products with the Rocket Badge.

Rocket products must score excellent on emergence.


Ironside products are the products you need if standabililty and stalk strength are a concern.  These products will fight in the face of mother nature, battling the wind and the rain and deliver season long standability.  When you go to war this season, make sure you have some Ironside products in your portfolio.

Ironsides products have low brittlesnap risk, and above average roots and stalks

drought dodger

If Drought haunts you, and keeps you up at night, look no further than the Drought Dodgers.  These products are the roughest toughest hybrids in camp.  They will give you their all trying to dodge the drought, looking for an opportunity for that last drink.  These products also shine when it rains.  They can bring top end yield under the best conditions and dodge the worst. 

Drought Dodger products must score an excellent for Drought Tolerance.

Disease Defender

Disease Defenders protect your farm every day with key tolerances against some of the most challenging diseases.  If you have heavy disease pressure in your area, look to add some Disease Defender products to your operation.  These products can give you that extra line of defense that can add up to big dollars on your bottom line. 

Disease Defenders must score above average for Grey Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Stalk Rot.