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  One of the key’s to a successful growing season is knowing what to plant, where to plant it, how thick to plant it, and how to protect it.  The Farmer’s handbook gives you the tools to guide you through the growing season and keep your questions answered 24 hours a day.  It’s a simple tool, designed to help you gain a competitive advantage and keep track of everything you have done on your farm.


Our product placement guide also serves as your invoice.  It makes it simple to see what you are planting where, what prescription to load, how thick you are planting it, how many total units and what your average seed cost per acre is.  We hope you agree, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

seeding optimization

We’ve partnered with and to deliver their proprietary seeding optimization tool which is used on hundreds of thousands of acres every year.  This tool is an automated seeding prescription generation software that doesn’t look at the what if’s, it looks at what you can make.  This calculates the return on investment of every seed, so even though your yield in the field may vary, your per plant yield stays the same.  This ultimately leads to seed savings of 10 – 30% which dramatically alters your seed costs per acre.

When was the last time your SEED COMPANY TOLD YOU TO PLANT LESS SEED?





spray record

Included in your Farmer’s handbook are handy spray sheets for every field.  Make your record keeping simple, and by-the-way, since you’ve got product by product guides you know what you can and cannot spray. 

This simple tool takes the pressure off your operation by having everything you need for every field contained in an easily accessible guide

management guides

You will only find these product management guides with Integrated Seed.  We did everything we could to take the guesswork out of product management.  If you have a question, this guide will answer it.  Know what to look for, when to look for it, and how to manage it.  

Put your mind at ease because we know farming is tough.  We know you are going to have questions, the Farmer’s handbook gives you answers all season long.

management concerns

Through the growing season if a product has a watch-out we have listed it on the product management concerns.  If the product a little weak on Northern Corn Leaf Blight, look to your guide and see what the disease looks like, when to treat, and what to treat it with. 

This truly is the way seed buying should be.